A Bridge To Our Roots

Welcome To The House Of Lebanon

Building A Home For Generations To Come

Our House

Built on centuries of tradition, OUR HOUSE bridges new generations of Lebanese and Lebanese Americans to their roots.

Our vision for our community is to create a bridge that would connect future generations of Lebanese Americans with their roots, while strengthening our representation within the greater American Society.

Our Vision

Our Heritage

We celebrate OUR HERITAGE throughout the year by hosting and supporting various Lebanese cultural events.

In order to accomplish this mission, the House of Lebanon has created a public space that welcomes and encourages those outside and within our community to socialize and enjoy sharing Lebanon’s unique culture and heritage

Our Events

Our Future

Our youth are OUR FUTURE, consisting of emerging leaders in their industries, driven to promote entrepreneurship, opportunities and professional growth within the Lebanese community.

The Young Lebanese Professionals seek to build on the successes of prior generations and help connect the newer members of our community to their rich cultural heritage.

Our Youth