why we exist

Vision, Mission, Purpose


At the Lebanese American Foundation (LAF), we believe that all of us share a common vision for our community. Though we may be of different ages, religions, and professions, we have all been influenced by Lebanon's glorious history, vibrant people, and diverse culture. Our vision for our community is to create a bridge that would connect future generations of Lebanese Americans with their roots, while strengthening our ties with the American Society. 

The ultimate objective for the House of Lebanon is to be a place of pride for all our people-regardless of religion, political affiliation, age, or nationality. 


The mission of the House of Lebanon is to create a space free of religious and political influence that welcomes and encourages all our people and their friends to meet, socialize, and enjoy sharing Lebanon's unique culture and heritage. The LAF is committed to generate progressive and funcational programs to address the specific needs of the Lebanese American community to insure that the House of Lebanon is utilized to its fullest potential.